Vacation in Bandera TX

Hey peeps♡

IF you are thinking about taking a vacation, but have no clue where to go yet this is for you! I stumbled upon this place last year while I was looking for good vacation spots last year that was close to San Antonio!

IT is called the Flying L Ranch.

Let me just tell you this place was awesome♡ it is a dude ranch. There are so many things to do. Here is there website.

So when we first got there we were a little confused on how the trip was going to go and a little nervous because it was our first time in Bandera TX. We checked in and they gave us detailed instructions on how to get to our room and also told us all about the resort/ranch. I was so excited at that point. We were really here!!!

So the first day we wanted to take it easy and go to the town of Bandera to look around. Now this is not an ordinary town. It was named the “Cowboy capital of the world” because Bandera was the starting point of the Great Western Cattle Trail, during the second half of the 19th century. In the town they also do a real cowboy reenactment on the weekends! They even gave us coupons for free Icecream at The General Store

Here are some pics from our town trip!

And these are the pics of part of the cattle drive. Wish I would have gotten more ,but was having so much fun I forgot♡

We also were told at the visitors center not to miss out on going to the General Store and the boys had a free coupon for icecream so I was like why not?! The icecream there was so amazing and they had all kinds of gifts and things that you could buy. Here is the General store

It had a real country feel and the people there were so friendly and willing to help you with any questions you have. You just dont see the Texas charm and genuine friendliness anywhere anymore and Bandera still has that. When we got there it was so amazing to see so many people that still used Yes Ma’am and were so open and courteous. You could talk to them like you have known them for years.. Manners have been lost in this day and age. So many people have that false pride and fear of being taken advantage of. But for me, manners is just being curtious and doing what is right whether it be helping a stranger or just opening a door. I am getting a little off topic here ,but believe me manners tells alot about a person and that southern hometown feel was just so nice for a change☆

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So by that time we got back we were exhausted and went to the room to get settled in. We made some food and relaxed the rest of the night. One thing that I loved about our room is that there was a patio with a table and if you stayed really quiet you could watch the deer nearby. There were so many of them. That made my trip♡ They were so majestic. I did not get any pics because I did not want to scare them!

So the next day we woke up to go to Six Flags Fiesta Getting the boys ready to go was like fighting a crocodile lol. If you have boys you know what I mean. Finally they were dressed and daddy had made us all bacon and eggs because he is the best. I love his bacon and eggs. ♡♡♡♡

So if you are making a trip to Bandera TX. San Antonio is only about 1 hour away so plan accordingly ☆

There are a ton of things to do in San Antonio that are kid friendly. Also there are lots of nightlife if you are more into that!! I could go on and on about all kinds of fun activities and events. I will go into detail about things to do in San Antonio on another post.

So back from Six flags and we were all pooped. Came home (to the ranch) and plopped into bed lol. This is what our room looked like.

It was a bit tiny ,but it had all the essentials of a tiny home.

So one thing I can not forget to mention because it was one of my favs was the 11th street cowboy bar. They have a real saw dust floor and I could bring the boys to two step with me. They had a blast. Everyone was so friendly and just had that Texas down home feel you don’t see anymore. We went on a Wednesday because on Wednesday’s you can bring your own steak and grill it there. For more info they have a website definitely recommend checking this out♡♡♡

One of the last things we did while we were on Vacation in Bandera TX was go to Garner State Park. I can not tell you into words how beautiful this place is. I went here when I was young and wanted the boys to experience the feeling of being at Garner. It is one that you will cherish for a lifetime. It is one of those places that will become a family tradition to go back. So we planned to get up really early and make the trip♡

This is the address

234 RR 1050
Concan, TX 78838

It is about an hour drive and we got there pretty fast. The scenic view on the way there was beautiful. If you plan to go to Garner for the day you will want to arrive early because the park will not let you in after it is at full capacity. We arrived at about 7am and we were second in line. The best thing is if you are going for th day it is only 8 dollars per adult and any child 12 years and under it is FREE! The park opens at 8am so plan accordingly. Have a back up plan just in case. Here are some pics while we were at Garner for the day

You will See this at the entrance and you will know you are at GARNER!!!!

we were hiking and we took frozen Capri suns and cut the tops off for the boys♡

The view from the hike. It was so beautiful.♡

My oldest loves to fish☆

The view of Baldy. So worth the hike♡♡♡

My son at the dance. He loved it so much and learned how to two step between dancing in Bandera and Garner.he loves to dance now. He is becoming such a gentleman.

I love Garner so much. It was such an amazing experience as a mom to share that with my boys.

One thing I did not mention is all the fishing opportunities we had to fish in Bandera and the surrounding areas. We did not have any prior experience fishing really at all so we were totally clueless and running around like two chickens with our heads cut off Lol, to do this for our boys,but everyone was so helpful on what worked and what to buy. We know have a full set of fishing gear and poles because we ended up loving it so much. It was so exciting seeing them catch there first fish.

My husband even caught a catfish♡

Also the water park and putt putt was a blast at Flying L!!!!

They also had this event called the chuckwagon that was so much fun for the kids if you want to check out more about it on there facebook page Flying L Hill Country Resort

If you are interested in traveling check this book out!! It was a really good read

For more info go to

This is a video all about Flying L

I looked for hours trying to find the right bags for my trip and loved these ♡♡ check them out, they are pink!!!!








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